Cloud Reporting and Management The Cloud Reporting and Management category covers topics related to analytics, the product UIs, API access, logging, and the Zscaler NSS solution. Access Control The Access Control category covers questions about the Zscaler Cloud Firewall and Web Proxy solutions. DNS The DNS security and filtering category covers how Zscaler handles DNS requests as well as Guest Wi-Fi security. Customer Info & Compliance The Customer Info and Compliance category is the place to discuss how Zscaler handles privacy, certificates, & regulatory compliance Data Protection The Data Protection category covers the Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions & CASB Integration topics. Threat Prevention The threat prevention category covers advanced threat protection, Cloud Sandboxing, IPS, & AV on the Zscaler Cloud. Platform and Networks Platform and networks covers discussions on the Zscaler platform, traffic forwarding including GRE and IPSec, Private Infrastructure, and Authentication to the Zscaler cloud. Zscaler Private Access The Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) service provides seamless and secure remote access to internal applications, regardless of where they exist, and without placing users on the corporate network. Zscaler App Zscaler App simplifies the enforcement of security and policy control from the Zscaler Cloud for both Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) and Zscaler Private Access (ZPA). Z-App is available for desktop and mobile devices.
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Hello everyone, In this episode I’ll cover configuring application discovery with ZPA. We’ll talk through how to find the apps that are running in your organization using a ‘catch all’ policy at the end of your configur…

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