2 Mail ID login in single zscaler client connector

Hi Team,
How to use 2 different credentials in single ZCC?
company own credential working in ZCC but when we are using different credential from another business for zcc it is showing wrong password?

example: working in company ABC and Using ABC laptop and Using ABC zscaler credential and it is working.
Not working when we are using XYZ credential in ABC company laptop(ZCC) showing wrong password

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Hello Altab,

how was ZCC deployed? Did you set MSI options like “CLOUDNAME” and/or “USERDOMAIN” and/or “UNAME”? Basically if you install ZCC from scratch without any of these options you can freely select credentials. At least we did this some time ago with some freelancers. I am unsure right now if there is a feature to force user-credentials after initial connect for subsequent logins.


We have to login manually we don’t force to varify credential.
Simply using user ID and password.
What i suspect when we login first time in ZCC its capture the login log in logon UI zsaler folder and after that wen we are trying then its showing wrong password for business credential as 1 st credential is stored in logon UI folder.
Correct me if im wrong?
Thank you

Hello Altab,

no, I don’t think that is the RC for your issues. Just did a test with 2 different accounts in 2 different corps on one device and it works as assumed.

Please double check you did not install ZCC with mentioned environment flags/options.


this issue occurs due to partner login issue.
once i enable the partner login setting in portal everything started working well.
read about partner login to understand the senario.
Thank you.

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