Ability to schedule a call with ZScaler Support via online system

(Alex) #1

Would ZScaler customers to have an option to schedule the Support to follow up on the tickets?
This would be more efficient then email exchange with support for the availability.


(Andy Logan) #2

Hi @avshch ,

I’m not sure wha exactly this would contain, can you give us a bit more detail? We don’t want to create another support portal to maintain, but I will be opening up a solutions category where SEs and support will be posting solutions to. That will hopefully come on line in the next few weeks.


(Alex) #3

Hi Andy,

I would like an option to schedule a call with ZScaler support with something like timetrade, instead of emailing them trying to figure out when the assigned engineer is available. A lot of companies like Okta and etc already do this with timetrade.com

(Scott Bullock) #4

Hi Alex,
I’m not sure support uses that tool. If you need help at a sepecifc time
you can request that in the ticket, if the owner of the ticket will not be
on-shift they will handoff to their leader who will manage the schedule.

Many thanks,

(Alex) #5

Would be great if they have this

(Andy Logan) #6

Hi Alex,

I’ll forward the request on to support, thanks for the feedback.