About application version setting of zapp


If I set the following in “Apdate Settings” of “Client Connector App Store” setting of ZCC management portal, do I need to press “Update App” on the client PC?
Automatic Rollout: Always Latest Version

Also, if I need to press “Update App” on the client PC, do I need to run it on the PC with administrator privileges?

Please let me know if you know!

The ZCC checks periodically for updates so you don’t need to manually press the update button.
Can’t remember how often it checks for new client versions.

Here the interval when ZCC updates what: Zscaler Client Connector Update Intervals | Zscaler

ZCC checks every 2 hours for software updates.

And of course in your mobile portal you should check if you have a newer release available and enabled it.
https://mobile.“yourcloud” → Administration → Client Connector App Store → New releases

Hope that helps.