About ${COUNTRY} Variable on PAC write


I have a question about Country Variable on PAC.
I’m working on South Korea and using zscaler.
But 2 times change on country name on PAC during last 1 year.

one is “Korea, Republic of” and another is “South Korea”
But I think why don’t you use standard country code such as ISO Country Code(USA, UK, KOR etc.)

If you have a plan to release some new variables like ${COUNTRY_CODE} please let us know when you will apply.

We’ve already run into problems twice because of the unpredictable volatility of $ {COUNTRY} variable.
I will hope that Zscaler will be able to replace ${COUNTRY} to ${COUNTRY_CODE}.

Thank You.

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i support this request
Using ISO-3166 alpha2 codes instead of country names would be some much easier and consistent. (and pac files will simply look nicer as it will always be the same length; eye candy)