About the Zscaler User Groups category

Welcome to the Zscaler User Groups Community Forum. We will use this to help communicate upcoming ZUG meetings as well as improve after-event networking and communication.

Check out the ZUG Landing page for more information

What is the Zscaler User Group?

The ZUG community is created by users, for users, with the intention of bringing together current Zscaler customers to discuss their first-hand experiences and unique deployment strategies. This event will be an interactive session, enabling you to get the most out of your Zscaler deployment, while networking with peers.

Who can join a Zscaler User Group?

Any current Zscaler customers.
Example job titles will include: Heads of Networking or Security / CISO / Architect / Service Owner / Service delivery / Admins.

What to expect?

  • Hear from current customers on their experience deploying different Zscaler products.
  • Live Q&As with current customers as well as technical support from Zscaler.
  • Dedicated networking breaks with peers across a variety of verticals.
  • Learn about Zscaler’s upcoming releases, and updates on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform, through the Product Roadmap session.
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Any chance of a St. Louis, MO ZUG?