Access to different ZPA environments from one device

Hi all,

I was wondering if ZPA supports a single device (and its ZCC client) being associated with multiple ZScaler customer deployments.

For instance, I would like to use ZPA to provide access for third party developers to my code repo / CI/CD environments. However, what happens if the companies those developers work for already use the ZCC for ZPA or ZIA: can they still somehow get access to my environment ?


This is like everyone’s await :slight_smile:

I understood this is in the roadmap of Zscaler. We cannot connect to two different Zscaler clouds at a time from a single machine as of now …

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OK thanks, I didn’t see the topic when I scrolled through the list before posting. Hopefully they will find an elegant approach for this (or maybe a client-less version of ZPA that would work in some scenarios ??)

We do have browser access option in zpa if your application (codes environment) are web based.

Thanks Ramesh, I’ll look into that.