Accessing Internet in a Linux VM (VirtualBox) with Zscalaer

Hi all,

This is a follow on from this draft:

I overcame this issue by using PuTTY (psftp) to transfer the Zscaler root certificate into the VM using SSH tunnelling.

Once the root certificate had copied into the linux VM (Ubuntu 22.04), I applied this to the default browser (Firefox) and I then could access the internet.

Breakdown of steps:

  1. Install PuTTY
  2. Config Ubuntu VM to allow SSH tunnelling from host machine (Note down IP) (Should be very similar to local machine IP)
  3. Request Zscaler root certificate from IT Engineer (etc.)
  4. Using PSFTP (PuTTY) copy files to VM
  5. Apply root certificate in browser certificates section

There are still some issues with certificate verification when running sudo apt-get update but I can at least still access the internet!

Could you just use the Linux ZCC client?