Accessing VMware Horizon View through ZPA

Hello team,
I recently got a request to demonstrate the use of Zscaler Private Access to connect a user to a VMware Horizon View virtual desktop. VMware Horizion View utilizes the Blast protocol which utilizes TCP Port 8443. While ZPA supports all client-server TCP and UDP protocols, I wanted to prove it works in my lab.

I made a short video demonstrating a client accessing the Horizon View VDI through ZPA.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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What about using ZPA on a non-persistent image. We see intermitted disconnect when user connects over HTML access. Any ideas? We followed best practice from zscaler and zscaler support said nothing they can do cause of the zscaler nic is causing the interuption.

Hi Scott,
I would like to understand this one a bit more. Is your ask to use ZPA over non-persistent VDI whilst using the HTML5 connector instead of the Horizon Client? I just want to understand so I can see if I can test in my environment and see if it works.
In general, non-persistent desktops should be fine as long as the user logs into Zscaler Client Connector on each login.

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Hi Chris,

I have query for the same setup for Internet access. Authentication uses port 443 which will go via Zscaler tunnel and Blast protocal session uses port 8443 it is going via local internet. User uses Zscaler client connector on tunnel mode (Tunnel1.0). They face desktop loading error. In ZIA whether this Blast session will go via local internet since it uses 8443 or should we explicitly specify to direct via local internet for port 8443 in PAC file, as tunnel1.0 supports only 80 and 443.