Accessing website before login

(Neil Lawson) #1

Any idea how to get this to work.

the users have a link on the windows login screen to reset their passwords, this is is a web link

software is

when a user clicks on this link ZAPP loads and asks for a username behind it the website loads and errors as this is all done before a user logins in then i assume there are no polices loaded. what is needed is somehow to add this as a type of captive portal.

(David Creedy) #2


This one will probably need a support ticket so we can understand what’s happening behind the scenes. If you’ve raised one already, can you give me the ticket # and I’ll take a look?

Off the top of my head, I think you could probably bypass this destination from Z App so the traffic is sent direct, this should prevent any issues that arise from Z App trying to tunnel this request.



(Neil Lawson) #3

i have a ticket which i closed 665899, i have subsequently found this should work on the corpoirate network (the ticket was remote users)

i attached a video to the ticket been unable to capture the screen anyother way. its better seeing it than trying to explain.

we tired the usual suspects adding it to the ZAPP profile and as a VPN destination.

(Neil Lawson) #4

the onsite policy is return direct for all sites. (pac file with only Private zen sites in)

we are using transprent proxy (have riverbed SAAS optimisation needing to see the connect protocols) remote users we have tunnel with local proxy.