Admin, dashboard, logs

when a user navigates to a site that has been blocked in the WEB filtering policy, the administrator without going to web insigt, can he see on the dashbord that this user has tried to navigate to a blocked site (with the name of the user and the category of the blocked site) ?

@ppani, please help answer

Hi Yosr and Naresh,

Yes, This can be done with very smooth way.Please follow the steps below:

  1. If you want the logs of multiple user.

a. GO to Dashboard.
b. In the Upper Right Corner. Click on the + sign.
c. Add the new widget.
d. Select Traffic type WEB/Firewall/Mobile/DNS
e. Choose WEB.
f. In filter menu you can select USER.

and add the widget.

From the next time whenever you require the logs. Simply put the email address in the filter and you can get the logs of the specific user without going t webinsight.