Adobe application is not work in zscaler environment

Dear family,

I have a problem.
Customer uses abode application.
Abode application is abnormally closed when is started.
The application we have tested is Illustrator CC 2017.
I know the fact that adobe Creative Cloud is not support local pac file via below links.
So we tested with tunnel mode(not tunnel with local proxy).
Result is good.
But tunnel mode have many another problems.
I want to use tunnel with local proxy mode.
I also want to resolve the adobe issue.
Could you tell me about best practive about in adobe invironments?



We had issues with the Adobe Creative Cloud app failing to sync libraries after app upgrade. Issue was only on devices that were using Tunnel with Local Proxy profile. We had to add below code to our PAC file. The app is syncing again.

if ((shExpMatch(url, “”)) ||
(shExpMatch(url, “”)))
return “DIRECT”;

You will need to change profile to Tunnel or find the urls that do not like proxy pac file or enforced pac file and send them out direct.