After done Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional - Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) elearning

hi team
I did Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional - Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) eLearning
after that i try to start Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional - Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) Lab
but it is still showing pending below the snap for ref.
hence could you guide me how can I will proceed the lab



Only the quizzes/exams need to be completed in order to complete the training. Sometimes not all videos will show complete, not sure of a pattern (OS, browser, etc).

Bottom line is that if you know the material already you can just take the quizzes. You don’t need to watch all of the videos.

This was true for the ZCCA-IA course. @cleach (Chris Leach) may be able to tell you why in your case.


i did ZCCPA but i can’t see my certificate kindly guide me how can i download my certificate?

To earn the ZCCP-IA Certification you must complete both the eLearning and Lab courses.

Good Morning Cleach,

I have scheduled ZCCP-IA Lab on 22&23rd do i need to practice any configuration or ELearning courses now before the schedule ?? if yes what are the Modules i need to prepare before the exam.and also do i need to make sure to complete those Lab module configuration myself or the instructor can help me incase of any help during Lab schedule ? just curious to know more about it.
Is there any LAB Fail(not passed) chances? Thanks.