Allow embedded youtube videos

Hi Experts,
May I know how I can only allow youtube videos embedded on particular site?
They have bunch of youtube videos embedded from various channels and users, I cannot whitelist all of them on by one.
Can I allow them to allow one site which links those youtube videos.



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if you are looking to allow embedded Youtube Videos from all websites (you may or may not have visibility to), might not be possible, however, if you are looking forward to allow only the known youtube videos, you can copy the respective links aside, go to URL Category and create a new category to allow like- Youtube-Restricted. Create a new policy to allow this URL category and place this rule above your block rule. Article from Ramesh M, explains each step in detail, so you can follow it and should be good to go.

Hi all,
Thank you so much for your attentions and supports.

I’m looking to allow Youtube videos embedded in certain websites.
Let me think about
(I’m sorry it’s in Japanese.)

That is for young students who are about to learn programing and has some Youtube videos with programing tips from various channels and users.
I want to allow those Youtube videos embedded in that site for our clients’ students with simple settings, if possible.

Does Zscaler have any settings like the one leveraging ‘Referer’ to allow all the Youtube videos embedded in, for example?

Thank you for your advice in advance.