Allow file type with .crx3 extension

(Alex) #1

It appears that policy is blocking Chrome Browser component upgrades by blocking files with extension .crx3
How can I define custom file type, so it could be allowed in File Type Control Policy for downloading?

(Chandan Agarwal) #2

We do not support custom file types today.
If you haven’t, file a support ticket for this issue and we will resolve it. If you have already filed a ticket, let us know the ticket ID and we’ll prioritize it appropriately.

(Alex) #3

Yes the ticket# 409184 was opened. There is also ER opened by ZScaler 2516.

(Pooja Deshmukh) #4


If there is no block policy specific to .crx3 files, then it should not be blocked in first place. Can you please contact support with details on configuration details of the policy that is causing a block on chrome browser component upgrades?

(Alex) #5

We have block all file types as the cleanup rule, which would block all files, except what explicitly authorized.
This is done for the security best practices.

(Alex) #6

Is there an ETA on ZScaler ER#2516?

(Pooja Deshmukh) #7

The ER is under consideration for upcoming product improvements.