Allow speedtest app on Windows10 machines

Hello dear comunity
I’ve been going crazy since last Friday but I can’t get the speed app to work on windows 10 in any way and even from site , the test never starts and remains frozen in the search for the best server connection.
With Zscaler client connector turned off everything looks fine .

Any suggestions ?

Hi Antonino,

But works fine ?


Hi Gerhard , yes it works , showing a speed of around 41 megabits (which is not great btw).
With Zia off usually from office is around 80-100 megabits

I would check the ZIA Firewall logs for your session.
Also have a look at this article because we were constantly asked about this while deploying ZCC


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I cannot speak for why that app is not working but you are better off looking at what is going on with your traffic. How are you forwarding your traffic? Do you subscribe to ZDX?
Check for any issues at your DC.

If you are using ZCC and Tunnel 2.0, you might be seeing de-prioritization of UDP traffic with DTLS. You can test with TLS tunneling. Run packet captures and look for bad packets. There are other tools you can run built into ZCC that will show you more information too.$

If you are connected via tunnel 1.0 on ZCC, you can run PCAPs and review your bad packets too. You can also hard-code into your PAC file to use a different DC to see the experience. Review your weblogs for proxy latency.

If you use GRE vs IPsec, that would be a difference can of worms.


Hello to the whole Zscaler community :slight_smile:
What i have discovered is that both Speed Test App and are working if i’m using 1.0 Ztunnel, but are not working when using Z-Tunnel 2.0.
Someone can tell me why and if there is something else i can do ?

It sounds like you might just have some kind of issue with your tunnel 2 traffic. Try this link and see if your traffic flows as expected.

Check your weblogs to see what happens when you make that request to the speedtest sites. Using or similar is not the best test but you should at least be able to get to them.