[Android] Integrate Zscaler pac file into the android app

Hi all,

Our client is using the Zscaler service as the proxy and they configure the device proxy using the pac file http://pac.zscalertwo.net/xxx.pac. But they said, the app ignores the device proxy.
So, they would like to integrate into the android app. But there are some points:

  1. Android app doesnt support the proxy for any specific app
  2. We have to setup the proxy using the retrofit, but the Zscaler proxy requiring the additional authentication layer
  3. And i found that there is a Zscaler client connector. It looks like an entry point to forward the traffics to Zscaler’s proxy. Am i right?

i would like to ask for the idea/opinion
Thx in Advance

Bonjour j’ai le même sujet chez moi. Est ce que vous avez trouver une solution ?


hi @RemymCC,

I still dont have any solution yet. But it looks like, the work should be done on Scaler proxy/ZEN server.