Android Zapp stucks

I would to share with the community an issue in order to understand if this is a problem only for my company or also for others.
We have some users that use ZAPP from android devices. Really the model it isn’t very important because the issue occurs on any our devices also if the main brand is Samsung.

The problem is that ZAPP works always on the first installation/use but it stucks always on “starting tunnel” message when you restart again.


  1. Open app, login and activate the tunnel,
  2. Stop tunnel and go on the device home.
  3. Come back on the app…it stuck always on the “starting tunnel”.
  4. Reboot is not the solution because the app autostart and stucks again. The way is the uninstallation but the users can to do only after the removing the association user/device from ZAPP portal.

I’ve an ticket opened since 1 month about but still no good new about. Only I found a “trick” in order to delay the hangs. After to have stopped the tunnel, perform an logout from Zscaler app. This permit to use the app also 4,5 times before that it stucks again, but cannot be the solution.


We have been beta testing the Android app on Chromebooks and still have many issues with stability. It has gotten much better with latest beta but still have many issues. My beta testers have become very frustrated trying to use it on a daily bases.

Hi Matteo,

Can I ask if these Samsung devices are running Android 10? We do have a lot of improvements coming soon in the 1.5.3 version (this is also the version Paul is mentioning above).

Can you also provide your support ticket # for me here, and I can follow up on the back-end to see if theres any additional help we can provide there.



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Hi David…

Here the case number 02315798.


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