API to retrieve ZCC machine specific passwords

I understand the differences for the Zscaler client connector passwords as below:
Logout Password : button to log the user out of ZCC. Once logged out, all services cease to function so this is a good one to have controls on.
Uninstall Password: self explanatory.
Password to Disable ZIA: Turns off Internet protections (SSL inspection, proxy, DLP, zero day protections, etc.). You may choose to leave this option without a password but set an automatic timer to re-enable after say an hour. I’ve found giving the users an ability to temporarily disable ZIA is a good troubleshooting tool and an acceptable workaround to a ZIA issue when perm solution is being implemented.
Password to Disable ZPA: Personally I think you can skip this because the user is only turning off their access to internal apps, not turning off any protections
Exit Password: Same impact as logout. However, this option is temporary. When user reboots, app will reload and user will still be logged in.

Is there a way to retrieve the unique password generated by the device upon registration for each App Profile setting above?

Hello Craig,
We do have API call to retrieve the one time password (OTP). Public API Controller | Zscaler