APNs and Zero Trust

An Access Point Network (APN) is a network service many have never heard of. Offered by carriers, APNs inspect your cellular data and route your traffic based on policy. These services are deployed by private enterprise and government alike.

However these service get tricky the larger you grow. Negating contracts with multiple carriers and getting application support is expensive. What happens when you replace an app in your data center with on in a cloud service?

Replacing your APN with Zscaler private access (ZPA) gives you the ability to keep your applications safe while using the public internet. In this video I’ll discuss

  • What an APN is and how it functions
  • Replacing your APN with a zero trust model
  • How Zscaler private access (ZPA) delivers secure app and cloud access

NOTE: After the video scroll down for a list of additional resources focused on APNs, and assets I discussed in the video.

Items mentioned in the video

How to find APN settings on your phone


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Cellular / Mobile (it depends on your language settings)
  3. Select Cellular / Mobile Data


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Mobile Networks
  3. Select Access Point Names

Changing your APN

There are also sites hat allow you to change your APN to something more advantageous. Have a look here:


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