App connector - hypervisor migration

We just got a request to have our app connectors moved to a new VM host.

The one we currently have is Hyper-V, the new one is VMWare.
Is it even possible (and supported) to move these virtual machines to a different Hypervisor or do we need to reinstall them?
Does anyone know?

Hi Thomas!
Generally you cannot move / relocate an App Connector because it will invalidate the fingerprint that is generated on enrollment and bound to the cryptographic identity.
We strongly recommend considering App Connectors to be “cattle, not pets” - best practice here would be to make sure your provisioning key for that Connector Group has enough headroom (or increase the max connector count if needed) and then stand up new App Connectors in VMware using that provisioning key, so they go into the same Connector Group. Once you have the new VMware App Connectors online and handling traffic, you can disable the old HyperV App Connectors from the ZPA admin UI, and ZPA will no longer route traffic to them. Utilization should decrease organically as user sessions terminate, and once they are no longer handling any user traffic, you can shut down the old HyperV VMs and delete those instances from the ZPA admin UI.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Lisa for the quick and full answer!

Expected that but wasn’t 100% if i could avoid the additional work.
So i’ll have to saddle up now, ride over to the new pasture and build up a new herd :wink:

Yippee ki-yay! :slight_smile: If you have any other questions in the process, please let us know…

Be well,