Application bypass option "Microsoft Teams" gone (Zscloud only?)

Hi guys,

it seems like the original/old “Microsoft Teams” application bypass option is gone from the ZSCloud portal. That affected our app profile configuration. When I checked the configuration of our default app profile there was Zoom configured, which I never did.
Then I went to the application bypass overview page and the first option was indeed Zoom. Before there used to be two MS Teams App bypass definements. The original one was more general.

I don’t know when this change has happend and I couldn’t find a communication about that.
But after some big troubleshooting I’ve found the root cause for our MS-Teams problems.

I hope this information prevents someone from getting headaches.


Acknowledged. Previously we had set the tick at “Microsoft Teams” and NOT Zoom. Now “Microsoft Teams” vanished and “Zoom” is ticked:

Was this announced somewhere? Did I miss something? Otherwise just removing a setting and replacing it with a previously not active setting sounds like a bad idea, especially when we talk about more security relevant settings than this…


Read the reply from Zscaler support, I am speechless:

Greetings from Zscaler support.

The old bypass was bypassing traffic for All the IPs to particular destination ports which was security risk. As someone starts running server on those servers then can send anything to that as it will bypass Zscaler Security.

The New Bypasses specifies subnets + ports which decreases the security risk.

The old one was removed just because users should not get confused

Unfortunately, there is no release note / links which we can provide you regarding the changes.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Thank you for choosing Zscaler.

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