'Applications Discovered in Past 14 Days' doesn't show IP subnets or ports

Just curious how other companies deals with this.
Reading this About Application Discovery | Zscaler

It suggest that “When a user requests an application with the IP address, ZPA discovers the application because of the IP subnet added above” which only shows in ‘Recent Applications Accessed’ rather than ‘Applications Discovered in Past 14 Days’

We’ve raised ER-11475

Create Application Discovery Segment based on IP subnet to capture legacy configurations that only uses IP to connect.

Using ‘Applications Discovered in Past 14 Days’ we need to log and export the newly discovered IP’s & ports for the last 14 Days.

This will allow us to create a true Application Segment that connects both IP and FQDN with the required port information.

Zscaler promotes that ‘Application Discovery’ can compliment shadow IT but it should cover IP subnets too.

Some applications are configured to use FQDN for the front-end but the database connection (as example) uses IP, ZPA will not capture this without manual investigation.

Enhancement Request
IP and port information is already captured in ‘Recent Applications Accessed’, please extend this feature into ‘Applications Discovered in Past 14 Days’ widget which will enhance the ZPA Admin experience and improve the console widget export feature.

Any ER supporters are welcome or help me understand how you’ve addressed this issue ?

Thank you