Authentication /Enforcement for Remote Users

(Cash Khan) #1

Hello All

I want to enable authentication and enforce Company’s remote users via zScaler. Apart from zScaler App, are there any other options which can be utilized to achieve this?

My Company has PAC files configured for every user. Right now if they browse the internet from a private/home internet, they are able to browse for a while and after that, the login screen appears. This seems an inconsistent behaviour and does not seem to be a good experience.

Thanks in Advance.

(Scott Bullock) #2

Zscaler App is the current best-practice and has the most positive impact on user experience.

PAC is also an option, this is based used with a dedicated proxy port (DPP). PAC is more challenging as there’s not way to tag traffic to a user or do things like captive portal detection. Zscaler App is really the best approach when user experience is a concern.

DPP doco:

(Cash Khan) #3

Thanks Scott.

Thanks for the swift reply. Is DPP a paid subscription ?.

zScaler App is the right way to do it but I have some linux based users as well and I believe the zAPP is not available for Linux platform.


(Scott Bullock) #4

Correct, Z-App is not in Linux, yet… You can use a mixed-mode, with Z-app as the primary/preferred, then fallback to PAC for systems which do to run the App.

DPP is a paid-subscription. Your account-team/partner can assist in getting this setup for you.

(Cash Khan) #5

Much appreciated Scott. :slight_smile: