Authentication problems with OneDrive

Hi everyone,
I woud like to ask you if you have ever encountered any problems regarding authentication with OneDrive.

I have verified that the Microsoft-Recommended One Click Office 365 Configuration feature is enabled.
The problem is reported by some users and fortunately not by all, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Where you able to find the root cause/solution for this? We are experience a similar issue with some users having authentication issues with OneDrive.

Thank you

Hello Daniele, hello Blake,

hm, I think before anybody can assist you here more information is needed:

  • Do your users have ZCC installed?
  • Does this happen for all or only specfic scenarios? (GRE, IPsec, ZCC)
  • Are your affected users at different locations e.g. homeoffices?
  • If ZCC: Do all users have the same app/fwd-profile/pac-file configured?
  • What Tunnel Type you are using?

From my experience with Zscaler I think the keyword here is “some users”…


Also what is being seen for the error / issue?

we have identified this exclusion in the pac file that is generating the problem:

if (shExpMatch(host, "(*||*||*|"))
return "DIRECT";

For now it’s a work round, but we must look for another solution.