Azure AD Nested Group not synced in ZScaler group

In ZScaler ZSCloud, SAML is used for authentication users with Azure AD as IdP. The use provisioning is done with SCIM so whenever user/group change done in Azure AD, an API call is done by the Azure AD and changes are pushed automatically on the Zscaler portal user database.
The Azure AD has Nested group architecture & its noticed that, the users in nested group added under main group in Azure AD; is not synced in ZScaler.
Please help with solution for same so that nested group users in Azure AD can be autosynced with ZScaler group.

Seems to be an AAD limitation. Ref and Ref’t%20read%20or,of%20an%20explicitly%20assigned%20group.

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Hi Mahesh,
Have you find any solution for this.

Ramesh M