Azure AVD and ZApp

Running Tunnel 1.0 for ZIA, installed latest ZApp ( on the AVD. Having minor issue when trying to connect to the AVD using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, not mtsc.exe, during the connection get an error “Reconnecting” and eventually I am connected.

Wondering if anyone has seen this issue?

Hello Andy,

yes, same here. Finally found time to deploy Z-App on AVD and ran into the same issue. Both WebSession and Remote Desktop (the new one) disconnect after the first login but reconnect few seconds later. I assume this is caused by Z-App kicking in and taking control. After reconnect everything works like a charm, even “strictenforcement” works out of the box (of course not before adding the particular Microsoft URLs).

Machine tunnel could solve that reconnect issue, but I am not sure about that right now.


Additional note: Multiuser aka pooled hosts are not working with Z-App.