Azure private DNS and azure zscaler connector

Hi all Has anyone used Azure private DNS for the azure zscaler connector , is this feasible and what design options are there?

This scenario is to access vms ( rdp and ssh) in a vnet in azure via ZPA with no other connectivity to the subscription to our network.

We would like to use DNS to add the application segment . Can you use IP ranges instead?

Ok solved this myself :slight_smile: Installed ZPA connector on vnet1 in azure with a public ip and setup in zpa cloud using provisioning key .
Add private DNS Zone in azure e.g. , add a vnet link to vnet1 in the Private DNS zone , ensuring auto-registration is ticked. A newVM using vnet1 will register as

Add application segment rule in zpa , points to zpa connector and uses * as a catch-all in the rule .
So you can get your DEV people accessing/testing VMs, webapps etc without needing public ip addresses. I setup RDP HTTPS and SSH to * Note with vnet peering we can add as many vnets as needed across multiple subscriptions.