Bandwidth usage of GRE tunnel


Does anyone know a way to check the bandwidth usage of each GRE tunnel by “bps”?
I found bandwidth report on Web insights but it doesn’t include UDP traffic.
I found traffic report on Firewall insights but it only can show a total transferred byte count. (Unit time is not indicated, so I can’t calculate “bps”. Egress and ingress are mixed)

Curious, wouldn’t it be best to check on the device itself that is establishing GRE tunnel to Zscaler?

You could use the Tunnel Insight logs but pulling stats from the network device establishing the GRE is probably the easiest/best way.

Thank you for your reply.
We’re monitoring bandwidth usage on route WAN I/F, but the Internet line is used not only for GRE tunnel but also shared with other purpose.
Thus I can’t check bandwidth of GRE tunnel itself currently.

I understand that it can’t be checked on Zscaler console.
I will consider to monitor GRE tunnel I/F in addition to WAN I/F.

Thank you.