Best practice for traffic forwarding


(Lior) #1

With the latest release version and the network filter driver, is the best practice for forwarding method is now ‘Full Tunnel’? Does updating to automatically installs the new driver?

Also, any thoughts about the considerations for using z-app for traffic forwarding in LAN?

Thank you!

(David Creedy) #2


Best practice still depends on the specific environment you are deploying to. Tunnel and Tunnel with local proxy still have their own unique use cases.

Updating to 1.3.1 does not enable the new driver by default, you need to install the Zscaler App with the switch enable to use the new driver. In a few versions the new driver will become the default on upgrade or installation.

For forwarding LAN traffic, this is possible and definitely used, but like the first question this depends on the specific environment.



(Lior) #3

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply.

With no special consideration in mind, and for a customer which is looking for max protection for all web ports regardless of browser dependencies, are we there yet for using tunnel mode and the new driver for wide deployments?


(David Creedy) #4

Hi Lior,

We are there yes. The main consideration is that for now we need to install the new driver with the switch. This generally means you will need to rely on a management tool to deploy, rather than updating directly from the Mobile Admin portal.