Big problem! Network error after configure Zscaler

Hello guys
can you help me please with an issue that I got?
I have installed zscaler on my computer and configured it. It is installed on my company’s laptop.
I have logged in with my company’s email and worked
The issue is that my internet connection is not working anymore. My laptop can’t connect to the internet - Zscaler is not working - Off Trusted Network error appears
I have found in the help section some steps but I can’t implement them because i do not have those option menus. What should be done here? many thanks!

Hi Alecs, it may be best to review with the team that implemented Zscaler at your organization. They may have a policy in place affecting where you can leverage the client from.


Thank you Keith for answering
I will get in touch with them starting from monday
Can you give me an advice please on how to enable my internet connection again without resetting my windows? Is there any way of reseting my internet settings that worked before configurating Zscaler? I need to do this in order to keep working on my laptop until monday
Thank you!

Take a look please on my reply below yours. Hope you can see it

Hello Alecs,

If you do not have the logout/disable password and your company has enforcement policies via MDM or alike in place I fear there is no possibility to circumvent ZCC. Thats by design, best practice and how local deployed security applications in general should work.

Sorry, you obviously have to wait until Monday for your company itsupport to assist you here.


Hello Manuel
Got it now. Thank you very much for your answer. I wil get in touch with them on monday
wish you all the best!