Block All access & Allow certain user or group (ZIA)

Hi All,

Current solution is Bluecoat (Hw). Currently we are testing Zscaler ZIA, Appreciate if anyone can assist or guide on how to implement policy as subject to block all and allowed only certain user and group to access particular website?.

Connection to Zscaler ZEN is using PAC file. Thanks

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You need to take care of rule order while creating filtering rules.
One rule with required user or group and URL category should have high rule order (lower numeric value) compared to rule with ANY user and ANY group with lower rule order.

Let us know if you face any issue.


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Hi @Pankaj_Kumar,

Appreciate the feedback, I have tested the policy and confirmed that Zscaler read the policy from top to bottom. In order to achieve the deployment requirement, allowed policy has to be on top and any blocked policy at the bottom. Thanks