Blocker URL shortner

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to block URL Shorteners site?. Thanks


I will try to give you my overall thoughts on this, hope they help.

The first thing is the “usefulness”, just to make the point, an url shortener will redirect you to the original URL, and even if they don’t we can enable an option to look inside (Configuring Advanced URL Policy Settings | Zscaler), meaning that if there is any gaps, after the redirect all policies would apply to the real URL. This is the main reason we don’t have a category for this, but if you have any other use case it would be great to hear

Second, there are two main issues:

  • There is no “shortened URL provider” category. If you would like to open an Enhancement Request so we could evaluate the option to add this, you can speak with your local sales team (or customer success manager, or technical account manager, if you have them) so they can open it for you and keep track of it.
  • The shortened urls are not all the same way, some can have custom domains, some don’t, and of course the url itself uses pseudo-random strings, so there is no single way to distinguish them. Actually any webserver with a simple rewrite script could potentially do it so… it’s limitless

To start with, if you wish to do it today, I would add the top domains used by urls shorteners to a custom URL category, which would allow you to keep track of most of them, and the ones with “custom domains” would be covered after the redirection was done.

You could also search around and find links with lists of shorteners to mitigate the most well-known ones of course (like url shorteners -

Hi @Pablo_Valenzuela,

Appreciate for the information and clarification on the categorization. Currently I’m compiling Zscaler with Bluecoat for one of our clients and internal referrals.