Bloomberg Anywhere Terminal ZIA cofiguration

Bloomberg Anywhere Terminal is an odd application that uses a number of odd ports and a lot of different documented IP address ranges. ZIA by default will block communications and you have to add two configurations to allow it’s traffic to flow through Cloud Firewall.

Bloomberg publishes Network_Connectivity_Guide.pdf:

There are TCP and UDP Port origin and destinations that you will need as well as two sets of documented TCP/IP address ranges you will need.

  1. Add a Network Service via Administration menu.
    In it you will add the TCP and UDP origin and destination ports, make note of the name of your new network service.

  2. Add a Firewall Control Policy via the Policy menu.
    In it under the services tab you will specify the network service you just created in step 1. Under the Destination IP address tab add all of the IP address ranges specified in the document. Make sure you do not miss the 2nd group of addresses listed in table 7.

Once saved don’t forget to to Activate the changes and insure any Bloomberg Anywhere Terminal users update their ZIA policies. After that everything should be working.



Thank you for the information. My client has Bloomberg. We are to test it through ZIA this month.

I will share outcome.

Please do, if there is any tweaking that needs to be done for the basic standalone terminal over internet config for ZIA I want to update to cover it, that way others don’t have to go through everything my user and did.