Bypass country URL with geolocation using local node

Hi All,

Currently our country ZIA node does not support tunnel 2.0 (SVPN) hence there will be a latency and geolocation blocking issue when redirect to a supported node

Does Zscaler support or able to create a custom URL domain rule, e.g. * URL and redirect other traffic to a supported tunnel 2.0 node?. Thanks


Have you tested to see if there is an issue as Zscaler should do good dynamic routing for this? Have tested the performance with the Zscaler tool used the Zscaler ZDX to confirm if this is true?

Also you may test specifting in the app profile PAC file the prefered gateway and not the “${GATEWAY}” variable as Tunnel 2.0 alsp supports PAC files but I have not tested this. Mind that this may work only for web traffic.

What country are you referring too?