Can a User with multiple devices use them simultaneously whilst logged in using that same single account

Can a User with multiple devices use them simultaneously whilst logged in using that same single account?
Can a User log into their Zscaler Client Connector on one Device using their single user account and also on their other Device with ZCC using the same username?

Yes, you can enroll up to 16 devices under the same username.

Thanks Jamil,
But can you use all 16 Devices simultaneously?
Can you log in to all of the 16 at the same time?
Using the same username on all 16…

Michael - You can use multiple devices logged in with the same username at the same time.

Thank you very much Niladri.
Please kindly share a URL link that references this from the Zscaler Documentation.

Michael -

Can you provide some additional context as to your ask? Is your customer having issues logging into multiple devices or are they concerned about licensing?

The customer is having issues logging in to multiple devices simultaneously.
Thanks Niladri…

This can be due to a number of reasons:

  1. The customer has enrolled 16 devices already with the same username and has hit the limit
  2. The customer has set a limit (< 16) as to how many total devices can be enrolled with Client Connector and the user has reached their limit
  3. The customer’s IdP limits concurrent logins

You can try the following, although we would recommend you open a Support Ticket:

  1. As per @jalomari you may need to remove user’s older devices from the Mobile Admin Portal which are no longer in use Manual Device Removal

  2. Customer can also set a policy in the Mobile Admin > Client Connector Support > Device Cleanup tab to automatically remove devices older than a specific interval or user’s oldest device automatically

  3. Validate that the customer’s IdP isn’t preventing the user from logging in simultaneously

Thank you very much @jalomari and @Niladri_Datta

We will try the recommended options. Thank you.

Hello Niladri, Could you tell me if the same user is logged in to multiple devices, how does the licensing work ? Will it be counted as 1 user or will the number of devices matter when we talk about licenses.

Hi Sagar

The licensing is based on total named authenticated users. So, if one user logs into multiple devices, only a single licensed is used.

Hello Niladri,
Thank you for your response, is this listed somewhere in any Zscaler document. And also, I have another question not related to this thread but would really appreciate if you could tell me if there’s any comparison listed for ZPA (Client connector Access) vs Browser Access( Client less Access ).

Sagar - Please reference our Service Agreement, which mentions the definition of an “Authorized User” and secondly reference the link mentioned earlier in the thread re Manual Device Removal

As far as your ZPA question, can you please post that on “Private Access” instead?