Can anyone use Shift as an open DNS resolver?

(Andy Logan) #1

Can I use Shift like I would Google’s DNS or my ISPs?

(Haggai Polak) #2

Nope. Unlike your ISPs DNS, or Google’s Public DNS ( and, the Shift service will throttle requests coming from unknown locations.

To avoid rate limiting and in order to apply policies and monitor requests for your users, you MUST register a location in your Shift admin console. Registering a location is a simple step where you name the location and supply the EGRESS IP addresses of the location - the public external IP used by the modem/router for that site.

Once shift sees the IP in the source IP field of the DNS request, it will associate it with your OrgID and location, will not apply rate limiting, log the request and apply the appropriate location policy on the response.

(If your site has a dynamic IP, you can use a dymanic DNS service to configure the location).

(Brian Deitch) #3

@Haggai_Polak can you explain the thresholds when an unknown locations hits shift? 1000 per day? 100 per hour? etc?