Can the zscaler client connector authentication to failover to another authentication method?


I am new to Zscaler and loving it but I couldn’t find a good article that explains for example if the client connector can use the computer’s credentials at boot up to automatically authenticate the users when they start their computers?

Also if this is possible can the Zscaler authentication be configured to failover to Kerberos, NTLM, Web Form or Basic authentication?

I am asking as with the current vendor if the client proxy agent can’t take the login credentials and send the username via HTTP header for some reason but there is no issue with accessing the PAC file then the agen again will send the traffic to the SWG proxy cloud but before that NTLM (if the users is from a known location/office) or if NTLM can’t be used a web Form or basic authentication will be used to ask the user for enter their credentials.

The failover method is not great as a cookie is not used to save the session details and when the user opens and closes their browser, they will need to again to authenticate and even without closing the browser the user will again be asked every 20 minutes for their credentials. So I am asking what are the options with the Zscaler Client Connector?