Can we use Gsuite to integrate with ZPA SSO

I am trying to use gsuite saml sso service to use instead of octa or any other third party for user authentication. But while testing I am getting this error. Did anyone used it earlier can help me please ?

Can we use Gsuite for ZPA SSO

Problem accessing /auth/****************/null. Reason:

** Not Found**

Please respond if anyone have worked on G suite ZPA SSO integration. This would be highly appreciated.

I had it working before let me try to lab it up give me a couple days

Sure thank you if you can share how I can do this would be great…

I did this for a customer just creating a custom SAML app. Happy to help you if you have access. The only down side to Google as SAML is there aren’t any group membership attributes. This is an issue at Google not at Zscaler.