Can we use pyzscaler from

Can we trust pyzscaler and use their python SDK?


I’m the creator and maintainer of the pyZscaler SDK. As you would have seen in the documentation, it’s unofficial and by that I mean the following:

  • pyZscaler wasn’t created by any official Zscaler product team
  • pyZscaler isn’t supported by Zscaler

What does this mean?

  • I personally fully support the project in my own time and I’m happy to respond to any issues you may be having with it (via Github Issues for the repo)
  • If you have any issues with writing code using pyZscaler or if you believe you’ve found a bug with pyZscaler then you can’t log a support ticket to Zscaler
  • If you are using pyZscaler but you believe there is an outage or issue with the underlying Zscaler tenancy then you can still log a ticket with Zscaler for those specific concerns
  • It’s open source software. You can personally review the code to verify exactly what it’s doing and have peace of mind that there’s nothing nefarious going on.
  • Anyone may contribute to the SDK via pull request or fork the repo for their own purposes
  • I personally review all pull requests for quality and security defects

Is it compliant for use with Zscaler?

  • pyZscaler only uses public API endpoints, which you are allowed to use as a licensed subscriber under the EUSA
  • pyZscaler respects the API request limits, throttling requests as required

Ultimately the choice is yours. I believe pyZscaler is an extremely useful library for developing Python software using the Zscaler API but you’re more than welcome to take parts of it and create your own implementation. That’s the great thing about open source.


Thank you for your response