Can't Access IP address items with ZPA on MAC OS

We are encountering an issue where Mac OS devices cannot access apps by IP address (on prem or in cloud) or the .internal FQDN in Google Gloud. Are there any suggestions on workarounds for this? I have tried manually adding to the host on a device and didn’t have any luck there either (not like having several hundred people add to their host file when needed is really a viable plan)

Have you added them to an Application Segment?

Yes I have, in addition to that App discovery is also on.

Hello Chris,

I would recommend opening up a support case and provide the Zscaler App logs, the FQDN/IP that you are trying to access and time so we can see what the Zscaler App is doing when parsing this information.

Nicholas Tart

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I have a ticket open i figured i would see what other engineers are doing or have done when / if they encountered this.

what errors are you getting?
do you see the request in the logs?
do you have a client side and connector side pcap?