Capability to export activity logs

In ZPA, sometimes the Diagnostic Logs reveal a lot of data, and my focus is on several of them at once. I’d like to export them in bulk, as I can in ZIA, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this. In other words, I have to do all my investigation within the ZPA console, which has constraints (column order, column width resets with each new page, etc).
Can the diagnostic lots be exported into csv format? If not, can this feature be added?

Paul, the use case is being tracked via an Enhancement Request for ZPA - ER-4076. The ER is being reviewed by Product Management. Until then, one way of achieving your use case would be to leverage ZPA Log Streaming Service - LSS provides the ability to stream logs to your organization’s SIEM or a log receiver for review and storage beyond what is available in ZPA Admin UI.