Captive Portal issue

Hi Team,

Some of our systems are facing issues like a captive portal issues once they connect to internet. Internet is connected but unable to access ar browse. Can anyone guide how to fix this?


ZCC’s connection to the Zscaler cloud is intercepted, i.e. a response is received but does not come from the Zscaler node. Some component between the user and Zscaler intercepts the connection.
Typically, this happens when the user is connected to a network that redirects traffic to a captive portal (e.g. hotel/airport wifi). The user should authenticate against the captive portal first, and then ZCC should be able to connect.

@pvanroosbroek recently experiencing this issue with connecting to Amtrak WiFi. I was not able to access the captive portal to authenticate to be connected to WiFi. Is there a specific policy missing from ZCC side?
I don’t have the same issue with Marriott’s WiFi access.


If ZCC is signed in and the Captive Portal message still shows, then there is still some component intercepting the connection. More information about what is doing the interception should be available from a packet capture.