Checkpoint to zscaler IPSec tunnel

Looking for documentation at zscaler as well as checkpoint.
Trying to setup IPsec VPN between checkpoint (which has many communities and many peers) and zscaler VPN node.
want to send specific sources behind checkpoint firewall to zscaler over this VPN.

In this post what Sven mentioned how to achieve that.

There is a link on here to some documentation about Zscaler and CheckPoint IPSec tunnels.

Configuring an IPSec VPN Tunnel | Zscaler

thanks for the reply.
but i already gone through the doc and its not helping.
i think the documents assume a setup without any other VPN.
But there are lots of VPN on the checkpoint in our case.

Hi Rohan,
I used face lot of issues with checkpoint.
I would recommend customers to initiate the tunnel from another ASR router instead of checkpoint from their premises.

Ramesh M

I have been working through this for some time now and wanted to update with what I found so far. The configuration document on CheckPoint, step 5.4.1 has you create To center or through center to other satellites, to Internet and other VPN targets. This configuration sends everything - all interfaces - down the tunnel. Since I am trying to test with only with a few internal networks, I can’t use this. I am working to setup policy based routing (PBR) sk100500 and VTI as in sk100726. Can’t confirm it will work yet, but my CheckPoint tech thinks it will. I also learned from ZScaler that IKE Phase 2 is different depending on commercial or government tenant. I believe government can’t use NULL as in the documentation from CheckPoint.