China and ZIA PAC

Trying to get to a Zscaler PAC File that will work in china with Office 365, anyone got any good pointers to what to create?

One question that comes to mind should all traffic go via a ZScaler DC and none go direct to help with giving better connectivity?

We use the same PAC file in China that we do everywhere else and send all traffic via the Public Service Edge.

We do use a seperate sub-cloud to ensure that China users only ever use China based Service Edge.

@GordonWright ok are you publishing the subcloud only to china users or too all? - if only china users are you using the country variable?

Everyone uses the same PAC file with this config:

/* Set the proxy variable for China Road Warriors */
if (shExpMatch(country,“China”)) {
proxy = “PROXY ${gateway.china-sub-cloud.zscloud.net_fx}:80; PROXY ${secondary.gateway.china-sub-cloud.zscloud.net_fx}:80;”}

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use the PAC file to point O365 urls with direct(passby) or point to PROXY BJ/SH public service nodes) is just working fine.

@GordonWright Curious, is the syntax ‘china-sub-cloud’ unique to your entity only? Is this written on their help page?

So far managed to find this only -

if (shExpMatch(country, “China”)) {
return “PROXY ${}:80; PROXY ${}:80; DIRECT”;

You can get private sub-cloud configurations created for you but using the country variable should work as well for most scenarios.