ChromeOS Linux Beta

We are starting to test the ChromeOS Linux Beta and finding it cannot use ZPA Android app when requesting apps by hostnames. It can however make use of ZPA Android app by IP addresses. It’s my understanding that this Linux runs as a VM in parallel to the ChromeOS. Is this something that can be corrected to use only one app or will employees have to run a Zscaler client connector in each OS?

I didn’t put this in the thread requesting a linux client connector because I am unclear if it will be necessary to run two zscaler client connectors from one system at the same time. The Chrome OS is moving in that direction where you have Chrome Apps, Android Apps and Linux apps all working at the same time. Sometimes you could have an app available for all three and you have to decide which makes the most sense for the app so I can’t imagine it needing to run in all three at the same time.