Clarification on DLP SKUs and items to price to a PoC customer

I am working with a prospect customer interested in Zscaler’s features, especially in the domain of DLP and clearly CASB.

In trying to make sense of what to put in the offer to the customer, at least to start a PoC with them, I found this datasheet which helped me quite a bit:

Interestingly enough, this datasheet is on the Zscaler Germany website, and I could not locate it on the corporate website.

I see in there that there is a ZIA-DLP SKU which I cannot find in the current price list, the closest one found today in the price list being ZIA-DLP-ENT. Not sure if this is an old document, and whether the information in the very useful grid is up to date or not.

I have read quite of bit of different web pages and documents, but I am still looking for some clarification on what would be the best practices in order to:

1- price an initial set of features and/or bundle in order to have a successful PoC
2- proceed with a PoC focused on both DLP and CASB

Is there any other guide or information available to a Zscaler partner in order to proceed with the correct steps on a DLP/CASB deployment?

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Hi @lucaberta, it’s probably best to get you plugged into the Zscaler account team aligned with your prospect. Feel free to DM me some details and we’ll get you plugged into the best team!

FYI @Jen_Toscano @data

Thanks @skottieb appreciate your support!

I will write an email to the presales SE whom I know, this is still a prospect customer at this stage and was looking to find more concrete use cases for DLP really, as it doesn’t appear that there is much else other than the official docs.

It would be great to have an updated version of that PDF, though!

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