Client connector authentication against Azure AD when Multiple accounts are used

Hi Guys,

We currently have a requirement to deploy Zscaler client connectors to 3rd party vendors to support some of the systems/apps they support in our environment. During pilot one of the issues I’ve seen is when vendor try to sign in to client connector with their username, they automatically redirected to their own Azure AD tenant to authenticate, rather than redirected to Azure AD SSO sign in page or giving an option to select an account when multiple azure accounts are used.

Has anyone come across similar challages and find a solution, would customizing client connector package help in this scenario?

I haven’t done this personally but I know other customers are doing this hence the upcoming enhancement below.

I would ask if you are using Zscaler Client Connector to handle 3rd party vendor access ---- have you tried Zscaler Private Access ---- using the Browser Access Method — its functional and works for most systems now — very well — there is a context and a SSO ability for both ZIA and ZPA coming that will use or have the choice of swapping iDP in use — so not every user must be in the same domain for access. --------

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