Client connector cannot access host in 100.64.x.x range


I installed two APP Connector on AWS (Docker).
These App Connector needs to establish RDP/SSH sessions to various hosts (AWS, Azure, On Premise).
Sessions (RDP or SSH) to 192.168.x.x (On PREM) and 100.67.x.x (Azure) are working.
Session to AWS Host in or are NOT working.
PS : the Security group applied to RDP/SSH servers and App Connector is fully opened (traffic cannot be blocked)…
When I look into the APP connector client GUI, It seems the counters is not increasing when I try to reach 100.64.x.x hosts.

What’s the problem ?


HA is the shared address space. ZPA uses it for traffic forwarding. You will see it if you look up any ZPA Application on a client. As it is not working I would assume that this is the reason.


Thanks for your help.
In fact, it seems the Zclient connector cannot access 100.64.x.x range…