Client connector for RHEL8

I installed the Zscaller client on RHEL8 using the binary installer (
I get the following error when trying to start the installed client:

# /opt/zscaler/bin/ZSTray 
/opt/zscaler/bin/ZSTray: /lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by /opt/zscaler/bin/ZSTray)
/opt/zscaler/bin/ZSTray: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.32' not found (required by /opt/zscaler/bin/ZSTray)

Is the Zscaler client compatible with RHEL8? The installer didn’t complain, yet obviously I won’t be able to install glibc 2.32.

Hello, I will let others confirm but I do not believe ZCC for RHEL version 8 is supported at this time.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Can you advise on how I could run it? Is there a command line mode so I can run it in a container?

Not that I am aware of, I am sorry. RHEL has not gone through our QA process so I don’t have anything to share with you unfortunately.

Not sure if this is helpful, but I did locate this - Customizing Zscaler Client Connector with Install Options for Linux | Zscaler (